Water Features

Property owners in and around the Saint Louis area are very much in-sync with outdoor living trends and they opt for our services to get outdoor installations on their properties. We at Missouri Hardscapes have been building landscape elements for more than 15 years and we have the skill, knowledge and the resources to create stunning outdoor spaces that you will love to use.

When it comes to water features, there are a number of options to choose from- in terms of the theme, style, design, materials and the actual feature that is used. We can incorporate lighting, waterfalls, speakers and even fire into most any water feature.

The kind of feature you choose will be dependent on the available space, the other features that already exist on your property, your personal preferences and your budget. When we work on a waterfall installation project, we keep all these factors in view.

Types of Water Features

Regardless of what your requirement is, we work meticulously and in a very thorough manner to ensure that you get the kind of outdoor water feature that you want. In some cases, these installations are one component of a larger landscaping project; however there are times when property owners ask us to install these features in their existing garden or yard. The different types of water features are:

  • Fountains - These are a very popular feature and can easily become the focal point in a landscape. These could be made of concrete or stone and we can custom design them for you. If you have a much larger property, you can opt for more than one fountain and we can also create seating spaces around them in the garden. Fire is another element that can be made to dance on the surface of the water.

  • Waterfalls - There is something very lively and refreshing about having a cascading waterfall on your property. This can be part of an exterior wall structure or we can create a rock face for it at any spot in the yard or garden. If you live in a busy neighborhood, the sound of the water helps block traffic noise.

  • Ponds - Though we have created garden ponds on smaller properties, these features fit in better on larger ones. We can install Koi ponds in which you can keep fish and exotic aquatic plants.

  • Pondless Waterfalls - These are an ideal option for people who have children and pets in their homes and are concerned about safety. These are regular waterfalls that cascade down a wall or rock face, but don’t have a pond at the base. The water just filters through cracks in the stone base and gets diverted back into the flow of the waterfall.

If you want any type of custom designed water feature installed on your property, in any style, theme or material, call Missouri Hardscapes at 636-542-1660. You can also send us your information through this online form on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible.