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Drainage & Erosion Control

Drainage, Erosion Control, Wentzville, MO In the St. Louis area, managing the flow and distribution of water is a critical concern for homeowners and commercial property owners. Missouri Hardscapes LLC is a frontrunner in the region, and we provide effective drainage and erosion control system installations.

These features help maintain and safeguard your outdoor area's integrity and your investment. We have worked consistently, providing our clients with excellent value in all our projects.

Wee offers diverse drainage and erosion control solutions to address the unique challenges you may face, such as:

Drainage Systems

Our comprehensive approach to drainage systems considers the critical role they play in protecting your property's foundation, reinforcing the banks of your lakes and ponds, and controlling the flow of stormwater runoff and:

  • We strategically place French drains, catch basins, and underground piping so we can ensure that water is efficiently channeled away from your home's foundation. These installations help prevent the damaging effects of erosion and moisture buildup.
  • For waterfront properties, our retaining wall installations and specialized bank stabilization techniques fortify your shorelines, keeping them intact and visually appealing.
  • We also integrate rain gardens in your landscape, helping to absorb and filter stormwater naturally, mitigating the risk of flooding, and promoting the health of your soil and vegetation.

Erosion Control Measures

Protecting your property from the damaging effects of erosion is another crucial aspect of our services. Erosion can lead to the loss of valuable soil, the undermining of structures, and the creation of unsightly gullies and mudslides. To mitigate these risks, our team of specialists offers a range of innovative erosion control solutions.

One of our go-to methods is installing retaining walls, which serve as sturdy barriers against soil displacement. We build these structures using durable materials such as interlocking concrete blocks, natural stone, or recycled plastic to safeguard your property and enhance the visual appeal of your landscape. Our design experts work closely with you to seamlessly integrate these features, ensuring they complement the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.

For areas prone to heavy runoff or steep slopes, we also recommend implementing erosion control matting or hydroseeding. These eco-friendly techniques help stabilize the soil, promote the growth of native vegetation, and prevent the loss of precious topsoil, all while maintaining a visually pleasing and natural appearance.

Customized Drainage and Erosion Control Solutions

We know that no two properties are alike, each presenting its unique water management challenges and requirements. We develop targeted solutions that address the underlying issues while seamlessly blending with the outdoor spaces’ existing features.

We strategically place drainage systems, incorporate specialized retaining wall structures, and implement advanced stormwater management techniques. This custom approach ensures a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting solution.

For more details about our drainage and erosion control services, please call Missouri Hardscapes LLC on 636-542-1660. Alternatively, if you prefer to write to us, please use this Online Form, and our experts will call you back to discuss your requirements and provide suitable solutions for your property.

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