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Landscaping, Wentzville, MO Landscaped areas on your property are always a combination of hardscaping (masonry features) and softscaping (plants, trees, shrubs and grass). Creating the right balance in these spaces is about having the right proportion of hardscaped and softscaped features. While some people feel that it’s more than enough to plant a few trees and grow a patch of lawn on their property, we at Missouri Hardscapes know that landscaping is much more than that.

We have helped a large number of residential property owners across the Saint Louis area create the kind of outdoor spaces they want. Many of our clients come back to us for outdoor feature upgrades or to add new plants and trees to their property.

Installation of Plants and Trees

We have expert horticultural knowledge and create striking garden designs, based on the styling of your home, your personal preferences and your budget. There are a number of aspects we focus on while installing any trees, plants or shrubs in your garden or yard:

  • Horticulture is a highly-specialized science and we are very well-versed with the variety of plantings and their growing patterns. This helps us create a very well-balanced and sustainable landscape on your property.

  • We understand what kind of styling and theme you want in your landscaping and can design according to your specific tastes.

  • While it’s important to focus on aesthetics, we also choose plantings according to the climatic conditions.

You can opt to have large trees; these help in reducing the outdoor temperature on your property and add to the freshness of the surroundings. We can plant either flowering, deciduous or evergreen trees on your property. In case you live in a busy neighborhood, we can install them in such a manner that they can act as a privacy fence.

We use evergreens to provide green cover in larger spaces and these maintain their lush green color right through the year. Their swaying branches look very alluring and they are great plants to frame waterfalls or other water features.

Tree and Plant Maintenance

When you have such a well-planned landscape, you also want to ensure that it’s maintained well. We have the expertise to maintain all the plants and trees and you can opt for our quarterly, bi-annual or annual tree and plant maintenance packages. These are designed keeping in mind the kind of plantings that are on your property.

As part of these packages we prune and trim plants, weed flower beds, remove dead leaves, add mulch and fertilizers as required and aerate the soil on a regular basis. For more information about plants and trees- installation and maintenance, call Missouri Hardscapes at 636-542-1660. You can also send us your information through this online form on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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